Our Vision

Shay Ishii Dance Company is committed to creating and presenting dance as an artistic experience that moves and inspires its audience.

Our vision is to create dance that is sheer beauty, dance that is enlightening, dance that is an experience in truth, art and humanity... dance that succinctly reminds us of the beauty and light that exists within us, around us and among us.

Our History

Shay Ishii Dance Company brings together five principal dancers who have a 15 year history of moving and creating together. Dancing and working together for so many years has forged strong emotional, physical and spiritual ties. The richness and integrity of their performance, is heightened by the connection of the dancers.  Quintessential to the power of the company's work is our cast of dancers who share a common and extensive background in the Hawkins technique. Erick Hawkins is known as the Poet of Modern Dance. His technique emphasizes movement that is organic, ergonomic and free of superfluous gesture and effort. This shared background provides a common vocabulary for the company that conveys a clarity and unity on stage. The result for the company is a homogenous approach to movement that honors the universal nature of the human form while celebrating the individuality of the human spirit: allowing the body to be a clean slate and an open instrument for the choreographer and the performer. The result for our audience is a sense of community and a continuity of light and beauty.  The generous spirit of every dancer is essential to the creation and performance of the work. Dancers are incorporated into the work not merely for their beautiful technique but also for their willingness and desire to share physically, emotionally and spiritually with one another and the audience.


Photo by Amitava Sarka


Photo by Amitava Sarka